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Activities for Knowledge Transfer

COSYNA’s objective is to make scientific data, results, and data products available to a broad audience by reaching out to different target groups and users, such as the scientific community, potential users in business enterprises and authorities, and the general public. The data and plots are publicly available in near-real time through a data portal ( that provides free access to data download and visualization. As for the dissemination of information, data, and products, besides traditional ways like print products and a website in German and English, COSYNA has developed an interactive app for Android- and iOS-based tablets and smartphones (available in the stores). The app provides explanatory texts and pictures describing the observing systems, instruments, models, and products, as well as the COSYNA partners. Near-real-time data and short-term forecasts for several platforms and parameters are available.


COSYNA Product Life Cycle

COSYNA product life cycle depicted for the COSYNA product “Surface Current Fields in the German Bight” as an example: (A) Initial surveys reveal COSYNA’s potential relevance. (B) The mathematical-technological realisation provides optimised parameter fields for currents, waves, temperature, etc. (C) The data are freely accessible via the COSYNA data portal. (D) External evaluation of COSYNA products. (E) Interviews and workshops with stakeholders from the offshore wind sector. (F) Improved COSYNA products are available to users. (G) Evaluation of impact.


COSYNA product life cycle depicted for the COSYNA product “Surface Current Fields in the German Bight”

Dialogue with Stakeholders

A dialogue with stakeholders, allowing for direct feedback and input to COSYNA, is integrated into a COSYNA product life cycle. It is exemplified for the product “Surface Current Fields in the German Bight” in the figure (left): A complete set of stakeholder interactions was applied, ranging from initial situational analysis through external evaluation, interviews and workshops with potential users, to meetings focused on data exchange and joint measurements. Through the various interactions with different stakeholders the COSYNA products could be improved substantially. In addition, especially the interaction with the key stakeholders from the offshore energy sector led to essential insights into the demands and constraints concerning the use and usability of COSYNA products, and identified new research questions.


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