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FerryBox Description

FerryBoxes are flow-through systems that are either mounted on ships of opportunity, or are operated as fixed installations. Ocean water is pumped into a measuring circuit containing multiple sensors. The system is equipped with an automated self-cleaning and antifouling mechanism so that even complex physical and chemical instruments can be used. The instruments are controlled remotely via mobile phone or satellite connection. Data are regularly transmitted to the COSYNA database and made publically available. The FerryBox data enable detailed investigations of physical and biogeochemical processes and are also assimilated into models.


FerryBox Typical Result

Measurement of chlorophyll-a: Comparison between FerryBox and Sentinel-III satellite data from June 2017. Differences can be explained by the different methods: Sentinel-III: Light absorption; FerryBox: Chlorophyll-a fluorescence.


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