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An interactive COSYNA app provides short texts and pictures on the COSYNA measuring systems, models and products. A highlight is that users can access the near-real time data from the various stations with one click via internet. The app was developed and commissioned together with the Public Relations department at HZG. informative with short texts and images about measurements, models, products and partners. At the click of a mouse, you can obtain direct access to current data. The app is available in three versions (Apple, HTML, Android) in German and English from the respective stores and is integrated into the website.



A pioneering key user of the COSYNA app is the Natureum Niederelbe in Balje, Germany, that provides information about the estuarine landscape elements, habitats and life, including human activities. A COSYNA exhibit including the app was launched with the re-opening of the museum in March 2013 and is located in the museum’s entrance hall. More copies are located in the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg and in Geesthacht . COSYNA participated in and was presented at several public sectorial, and cross-sectorial events, such as Oceanology International, European Maritime Day, and the international offshore wind energy exhibitions.


COSYNA Print Products

The COSYNA brochures and flyers provide an overview of the aims and activities of COSYNA. COSYNA Annual Progress Reports are on selected results, approach to problems and planned activities of the various COSYNA workings groups and sub-projects. The Annual Progress Reports are intended for internal information of COSYNA staff members but also available to the public. COSYNA publishes a newsletter that provides information on activities and events. The newsletter is issued ocassionally and addresses the COSYNA community as well as the general public. The COSYNA Print Products are available for download > link


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