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High Resolution X-Band Radar Description

An off-the-shelf marine X-band radar was modified to measure Doppler speeds in addition to the intensity of surface scattering. Several algorithms were developed, tested and validated to extract the spectral properties of gravity waves, surface currents, and the shallow water bathymetry from the surface backscatter. Other methods are developed to retrieve the surface wind field and to monitor surface features such as current fronts, eddies, internal waves, and surface slicks.


High Resolution X-Band Radar Typical Result

Wind speed at an Offshore wind park A time series of radar-retrieved wind velocity maps was acquired at the Fino-3 in the North Sea. The maps represent the mean surface wind field calculated from radar backscatter every 60 s. The three time steps show a squall propagating from the Northwest towards the offshore wind park located in the east. Due to the fast system’s response, the method can be used by for offshore wind farms for improved predictive control.


Wind fields, measured at platform FINO-3, at t=0 s (left), t= 60 s (middle), and t=120 s (right)

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