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Nutrient Analyser Description

A new analytical system was developed that applies the method of sequential injection analysis (SIA) for a relatively fast and reliable determination of nitrate, ammonia, and o-phosphate. Special reagents are used that react with nitrate, o-phosphate and ammonia resulting in a color change that is detected with a spectrometer. Analysis times of 6 samples/h for nitrate, 10 samples/ min for ammonia and 50 samples/min for phosphate are achieved.


Process scheme of the nutrient analyser

Nutrient Analyser Typical Result

Nitrate concentrations at Cuxhaven A distinct salinity gradient (tidal salinity fluctuations, blue) is observed at the FerryBox station Cuxhaven, situated at the mouth of the Elbe estuary. Since the river water has higher nitrate concentrations than seawater the two curves display opposite trends with the highest nitrate values occurring at lowest salinity. The quick changes can be detected due to the relatively fast analysis times.


Time series of nitrate (green) and salinity (blue) at the station Cuxhaven in March 2016

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