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Hyperspectral Absorption Sensor Description

The Hyperspectral Absorption Sensor (HyAbS) is an instrument for continuous and automated flow-through absorption measurements. It is based on measurements in an integrating cavity to overcome two common problems of conventional seawater spectrophotometry: Biases caused by light scattering on particles and low signal-to-noise ratios. From the obtained absorption coe¿cient spectra, quantitative and taxonomical information on chlorophyll and phytoplankton can be derived. All measurement procedures, such as instrument calibration, are completely automated.


Process scheme of the continuously operating absorption sensor (integrating cavity principle)

Hyperspectral Absorption Sensor Typical Result

Estimation of algal groups from absorption spectra Certain phytoplankton groups can be differentiated due to their specific pigments. They determine the shape of the absorption spectra measured with the HyAbS. Mathematical transformation extracts the spectral features and thus group-specific differences. The patterns are compared with spectra of known phytoplankton composition stored in a database allowing estimations of phytoplankton groups dominating a specific water sample


From absorption measurements to algal group identification

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